650X Variable Speed CNC Spindle Series

Integration of the popular CAT50 tool holder into the 650 spindle housing delivers constant high speed with ultra-low vibration and improves accuracy and rigidity. Rigid steel construction in one piece with the tool holder also cuts the height of the unit. With Air Turbine Spindles® patented double turbine’s extra power the 1.4 hp (1.04 kW) motor maintaining stable high speed and torque under load. The 650XVSCAT50 accelerates feed rates and cuts cycle times as a result of its low friction power unit with few moving parts. Rated governed speeds available are 25,000, 30,000 and 40,000 rpm. Plenty of power to speed up your inches cut per minute. High cutting speeds are maintained at the periphery of your end mill or burr using the 650’s unique governed performance to achieve a faster cycle time, a cleaner finished surface and more production on your CNC. No Duty Cycle.

The hex key inserted through the rear of the spindle switches the position of an internal screw – controlling the flow of compressed air to supply one or both turbines operating at different speeds with single or double turbine power ratings.

650XVSCAT50 Specifications
Speed RPM25,000 - 40,000
Power Rating hp (Kw)0.8 (0.60) - 1.4 (1.04)
Inlet Air Pressure90 psi (6.2 bar)
Air Consumption Idle cfm (l/s)11 (5.2) - 18 (8.49)
Air Consumption Working Flow (l/s)14 (6.60) - 40 (18.89)
Sound LevelLess Than 78 dBA
Max Shank CapacityER 11 - 1/4” (6mm)
Spindle Weight118.4 oz (3.34 kg)

How do I change the speed?

Our patent-pending system makes it very easy to change speed and power rating in a minute with our patented double turbine. A hex key fits through the air shaft at the back of the spindle. The flow control screw is turned up or down by the hex key to switch speeds, as displayed below in the red and green positions below.

Single Turbine Mode Shown

Diagram Displaying that you only need to turn a hex key at the back of the Spindle to switch between speed modes.
Click to Change Speeds
650XVSSingle Turbine ModeDouble Turbine Mode
Position in DiagramGreenRed
Power Rating0.8 hp (0.60 kW)1.4 hp (1.04 kW)
Speed25,000 RPM40,000 RPM

650XVSCAT50 Dimensions

650XVSCAT50 Dimensional Drawing
All fittings, couplings, and hoses must have a minimum of 10mm internal diameter.
650XCAT50 Dimensions
A0.87” (22mm)
BØ 1.62” (41mm)
CØ 3.23” (82mm)
D7.60” (193mm)
E11.7” (296mm)


Included Equipment

650XVSCAT50 Spindle
Combo Filter Extractor
ER 11 UP Collet System (1/4” or 6mm collet)
Collet Wrenches
Air Hose
Plug (For alternate air inlet not in use.)
Coolant Guard
Carrying case

Standard Equipment

ER 11 collet system (1/4” or 6mm collet standard – other sizes optional). 3/4” or 20mm shank standard (Metric Shank comes with metric collet, Inch Shank with inch collet). Oil-free 90 psi / 6.2 bar, clean, dry air supply required.

Accessories ModelsPart #
High Flow Filter / Regulator / Extractor with 1/2” NPT30084
Tube 16mm O.D. - 10mm I.D. (order by foot)16516
Hose & Fitting - 16mm O.D. - 10mm I.D. - 12’30047

We retrofit any CNC machine to mill at a constant high speed 24/7 – so any CNC can be a high-speed machine. This includes, but isn’t limited to DMG MORI, Haas, Fanuc Robodrill, Doosan, Hermle, Hurco, GROB, Brother Okuma, Makino and Mazak. Easy installation using selectable air feed inlets – choose side inlet NPT / Stop Block or center through shank/tool holder air feed. HSK, CAT, BT, and DIN Toolholder options are available. Learn more about Air Turbine Spindles on your CNC Machine by visiting their page at the links below.

Automatically Tool Change on your CNC

Block and Collar on the Automatic Tool Changer Assembly

Automatically load Air Turbine Spindles® in CNC machines with our patented wrap-around Toolchanger Mounting Assembly (TMA). This option allows CNC tool-changers to automatically load/unload our family of high-speed precision spindles using a proprietary collar system and mounting block or ring around the CNC spindle integrated to the right side of the CNC spindle in minutes.

Toolchanger Mounting Assembly Collar and Block

Screw In Mounting Block

Toolchanger Mounting Assembly Two Piece Ring and Block

Two Piece Ring and Block

Toolchanger Mounting Assembly Drill Tap

Drill Tap

Mounting blocks or rings compatible with Haas, Hurco, Doosan, Robodrill, Hardinge, DMG, Brother, Okuma, and all other CNC’s are available. We are accustomed to developing custom solutions for any CNC. A Universal Block can be provided for drilling your CNC screw positions. Installation Kits are available. The TMA block remains on the CNC spindle for normal tool changes, even if not using the Air Turbine Spindles™ as it will not interfere when using the main spindle.

TMA Assembly Includes

  1.  Mounting block or ring assembly
  2. Spindle manifold collar with adjustable height connector to block

Auto Tool Change your Air Turbine Spindle® with the Tool Changer Mounting Assembly

ER11- 1/4"ER11- 6mm
Part #Part #


Change Speed and Power in a Moment on your CNC Spindle

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Service & Support

Support is always available from our technical team in the USA, Germany and Mexico. Repair Service is available in Florida and Munich.

Call our factory technicians at +1-561-994-0500 or email us at [email protected].