Router Hand Tool Series

1/4” / 6mm Capacity

Control and Power – to 0.88 hp. For high-speed routing. Wood, plastics, and fiberglass are cut faster and cleaner at governed 40,000 rpm with less fiber break-out with the 310RSV. An oil-free mechanism results in no oil misting and no part contamination. The 310RSV with slide valve control is a light powerful direct-drive turbine with only 2 moving parts – resulting in great reliability. A further advantage of the 310RSV is the tool’s low vibration magnitude (just 0.38 mm/s2) and no heat – both improving operator comfort and reducing RSI risk.

310RSV Specifications
Speed RPM25,00030,00040,000
Power Rating np (Kw)0.76 (0.57)0.83 (0.62)0.88 (0.66)
Inlet Air Pressure90 PSI (6.2 Bar)
Air Consumption Idle cfm (l/s)13 (6.14)14 (6.61)
Air Consumption Working Flow (l/s)15 (7.08) - 35 (16.52)
Air Hoses and Fittings Minimum Size8mm ID
Sound LevelLess Than 67 dBA
Max Shank Capacity1/4” (6mm)
Hand Tool Weight39.7oz (1.12kg)

Don't Sacrifice Comfort and Safety for Performance!

310RSV Vibration Statistics
Time to reach EAV 2.5 m/s² A(8)345 hours, 40 minutes
Time to reach ELV 5 m/s² A(8)1382 hours, 37 minutes
Vibration magnitude m/s² r.m.s0.38

Solve problems in hand operations with revolutionary Air Turbine Tools®. Reduce injury risk and repetitive stress on your hands and arm, and eliminate limitations on working time.

EAV = Time to reach Exposure Action Value

ELV = Exposure Limit Value

Vibration Statistics for all Air Turbine Tools®

310RSV Dimensions

310RSV Dimensional Drawing
All fittings, couplings, and hoses must have a minimum of 8mm internal diameter.
310RSV Dimensions
AMIN: 1.50” (38.10mm)
MAX: 1.63” (41.40mm)
B1.19” (30.23mm)E4.01” (101.85mm)
C1.62” (41.15mm)F5.04” (128.02mm)
D3.10” (78.74mm)G10.44” (265.18mm)


Included Equipment

310RSV Router
Collet System (1/4” or 6mm)
Collet Wrenches
Rear Exhaust
Exhaust Deflector
Slide Valve

Standard Equipment

1/4” or 6mm collet standard – other sizes optional. Oil-free 90 psi (6.2 bar), clean, dry air supply required.

Accessories ModelsPart #
High Flow Filter Regulator Extractor with 1/2” NPT30084
Speed RPMPart #Speed RPMPart #
1/4" w/break6mm w/break
Speed RPMPart #Speed RPMPart #

Service & Support

Support is always available from our technical team in the USA and Germany. Repair Service is available in Florida and Munich. Call our factory technicians at +1-561-994-0500 or email us at [email protected].