Heavy Duty Motor Mount Series

Ceramic bearings, an ER11 collet, and a rigid steel barrel for mounting make the 450HD ideal for cutting or finishing harder materials. Sealed at front collet for wet environments. Our durable direct-drive governed motor makes this unit a reliable workhorse. Powerful 24/7 performance with 0.88 HP (0.66 kW) at governed 40,000 RPM. Very low vibration magnitude of 1.25 m/s² r.m.s, makes the well-balanced 450HD ideal for robotic integrations. Applications include finishing, drilling, milling, and routing.

Mountable area of Ø 41.15 mm OD by 63.5 mm. Ceramic and angular contact bearing options available.

450HD Specifications
Speed25,000 RPM30,000 RPM40,000 RPM
Power Rating0.76 HP(0.57 kW)0.83 HP (0.62 kW)0.88 HP (0.66 kW)
Inlet Air Pressure90 psi (6.2 bar)
Air Consumption Idle13 CFM (6.14 L/s)14 CFM (6.61 L/s)
Air Consumption Working Flow14 CFM (6.61 L/s) - 35 CFM (16.52 L/s)
Air Hoses and Fittings Minimum Size8 mm internal diameter
Sound LevelLess Than 78 dBA
Max Shank CapacityER11 - 1/4” (6 mm)
Motor Weight46 oz (1.3 kg)

450HD Dimensions

450HD Dimensional Drawing
All fittings, couplings, and hoses must have a minimum of 8 mm internal diameter.
450HD Dimensions
A1.05” (26.54 mm)D2.5” (63.5 mm)FØ 3.1” (79.74 mm)
BØ 1.62” (41.14 mm)
E6.03” (153.16 mm)G7.61” (193.29 mm)
C5.2” (132.08 mm)
A1.05” (26.54 mm)
BØ 1.62” (41.14 mm)
C5.2” (132.08 mm)
D2.5” (63.5 mm)
E6.03” (153.16 mm)
FØ 3.1” (79.74 mm)
G7.61” (193.29 mm)


Included Equipment

450HD Motor
ER11 Collet System (1/4” or 6 mm)
Collet Wrenches
3/8” NPT Air Supply Fitting

Standard Equipment

ER11 collet system (1/4” or 6 mm collet).
Oil-free 90 psi / 6.2 bar clean, dry air supply required.

Accessories ModelsPart #
High Flow Filter Regulator Extractor 30008
6’ Air Supply Assembly w/Fitting30012
ER11 - 1/4” ER11 - 6 mm
Speed RPMPart #Speed RPMPart #

Service & Support

Support is always available from our technical team in the USA and Germany. Repair Service is available in Florida and Munich. Call our factory technicians at +1-561-994-0500 or email us at [email protected].