Now your Haas CNC Delivers Faster Production 24/7

Compete on the Highest Levels: Titans of CNC on Air Turbine CNC Spindles

Now you can maintain continuous tool path engagement at constant high speed even in angles and hard material operating 24/7 with no duty cycle. Air Turbine Spindles® patented governed high speed combines with high torque to dramatically reduce your cycle time and costs. Proven in micro-machining, surfacing, slotting, contouring, drilling small holes and marking Air Turbine Spindles® make every Haas machine a high speed machine in minutes with just a connection to 90SPI, 6.2 bar air required.

Get the high SFM required for tool optimization

50,000 rpm Creates the Perfect Chocolate Mold at HAAS Allendale

25,000 to 90,000 RPM combined with power up to 1.4 HP gives you the speed required to improve cutting action of your tools up to 1/4” capacity and to extend the life of those tools. High speed machining technique advances at a high rate evacuates chips fast, reducing load per tooth and leaves the surface heat behind. High Speed maintained in cut will also eliminate the problem of broken tools due to insufficient SFM. That’s the key – our high speeds stay high in cut –  unlike ‘speeders’- delivering savings on tool costs and a fine finished surface RA. Faster production, savings and quality are three pillars of efficient machining that any operator can now apply to achieve exceptional production on a Haas CNC.

Take your Haas machine to the next level with real high speed in cut found nowhere else.

Auto Tool Change your Air Turbine Spindle® with the Tool Changer Mounting Assembly

Automatic Tool Change Options

We provide two two options for full ATC in seconds. You can automatically load Air Turbine Spindles® from your tool magazine, carousel or umbrella using our patented wrap-around Tool Changer Mounting Assembly (TMA). Alternatively, compressed air can be connected using the Through Spindle Air Option connecting to the rear runlet on Air Turbine Spindles® on Through Tool Air Blast (TAB) equipped Haas machines.

Spindle Selection

Select the matching spindle for your application.  Browse and select which Air Turbine Spindles® are suited to your application. You can review variable speed and 90 degree spindles. Our quick CNC spindle selection guide makes the initial review of spindles for your project simple but please consult our technicians if you would like discuss your technical questions – the team’s experience can help you identify and learn about our high-precision cutting solutions in a range materials, RPMs and cutting tool capacities up to 6mm / 1/4” on your Haas machine. Easy to install. Just connect 90 PSI, 6.2 bar compressed air.  No expensive control box or complex wiring or lubrication required.


Haas Oxnard Demo Air Turbine Spindles® 50,000 RPM, 0.50 HP

TESTIMONIAL: Reducing Cost and cycle times with Vortic Watches

50-80% Cycle Time Reduction: Stop Crawling Through your Program with Constant High RPM in Cut

5th Axis Cutting at 40,000 RPM / 150IPM on Haas UMC500 by Air Turbine Spindles®

Engraving at 65,000 RPM on Haas VF9 CNC by Air Turbine Spindles®

Air Turbine Spindle on Haas with Through Spindle Air

Air Turbine Tools® on your Haas Machines

We are committed to supporting Haas owners upgrading their machines for high-speed machining. We have retrofitted over many 1,000’s of Haas Machines globally operating today at 25,000 to 90,000 RPM Air Turbine Spindles®. Our expert technical advisors are available on call to consult on installation in your CNC machine or turning center. Our next-generation patented technology was developed for machinists who want reliable governed high-speed combined with high power & no heat. Air Turbine Tools® have  proven track record increasing Haas CNC machines output – delivering a quick ROI.

Making chips with a 625 Series Spindle on Haas

Precision - 2µ Certified

Accuracy defines quality. You can rely on for 2 Micron T.I.R. precision on Haas CNC machines. Why?  Unlike geared or electric “speeders” Air Turbine Spindles® generate no heat and  in 12 hour tests produced zero thermal growth in the spindle.

Avoid poor dynamic runout and a lack of RPM with Air Turbine Spindles®. 30+ years of experience and the highest quality balancing and pre-setter systems enable us to perfect a solution that achieves 2 Micron TIR for reliable high-speed precision machining.

Why is this Technology Superior?

Unlike other products that drop speed as soon as the cutting tool engages Air Turbine Spindles® proprietary governor maintains high cutting speed and torque under load.

Air Turbine Spindles® use no gears, no high frequency brushes,and no vanes to heat up or burn out. Unlike speeders, multipliers, geared, electric and vane spindles there is no duty cycle and great reliability over 1,000’s of hours if used correctly.

Our internationally patented direct drive technology operates with just two moving parts, generating low friction, no heat and requiring no maintenance or lubrication.

This superior mechanism delivers high cutting speed, reduces cycle time, improves cutting tool performance and life giving you the finest part finish right off your Haas machines.

Enter the next generation of precision milling with 24/7 operation with Air Turbine Tools®.

New: You can now also retrofit Haas turning centers with up to 80,000 RPM

Air Turbine Live Tools

New Air Turbine Live Tools®  innovation in speed and reliability enable electronics, medical, aviation and metal working manufacturers to increase feed rates 6 – 10x. Achieve the real speed in cut and SFM required to optimize micro tools at 60,000 & 80,000 RPM on Haas Lathes and Swiss Lathes. Air Turbine Live Tools® speed up off-center cuts, delivering finer finished surfaces and exponentially increasing lathe throughput. Our live tool’s patented direct drive technology and governor increases air flow on demand keeping you at high speed and consistent SFM on the toolpath. Find out how to improve and increase your production on your Haas Lathes using Air Turbine Live Tools®.

Service & Support

Support is always available from our technical team in the USA and Germany. Repair Service is available in Florida and Munich. Call our factory technicians at +1-561-994-0500 or email us at [email protected].