Now your Haas CNC or Lathe Delivers Faster Production 24/7

CNC Spindle

Dramatically reduce your cycle times, optimize cutting tool performance and life. Keep continuous tool path engagement on your existing CNC at high speed even in angles and hard material. Ideal for micromachining.

With patented governed high speed and torque Air Turbine Spindles®, your Haas Machine is a high-speed machine! Tool holders in CAT, BT, DIN, HSK are available. Cylindrical shaft versions are also available as standard in the machine via the collet chuck.

Auto Tool Change with Air Turbine Spindles® on the Haas UMC

Fully Automated Loading Options:

With our patented Toolchanger Mounting Assembly (TMA)
Through Spindle Air Option using Haas Through Tool Air Blast

Manual Connection also possible.


M4S Micro - 40,000 RPM, 20 IPM in 45HRc on HAAS

TESTIMONIAL: 50,000 rpm Creates the Perfect Chocolate Mold for Jayce Baudry

Haas Oxnard Demo Air Turbine Spindles® 50,000 RPM, 0.50 HP

TESTIMONIAL: Reducing Cost and cycle times with Vortic Watches

Milling Tequila Bottles at 40,000 RPM

5th Axis Cutting at 40,000 RPM / 150IPM on Haas UMC500 by Air Turbine Spindles®

Engraving at 65,000 RPM on Haas VF9 CNC by Air Turbine Spindles®

Service & Support

Support is always available from our technical team in the USA, Germany and Mexico. Repair Service is available in Florida and Munich.

Call our factory technicians at +1-561-994-0500 or email us at [email protected].