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Automatically load Air Turbine Spindles® in CNC machines with our patented wrap-around Tool Changer Mounting Assembly (TMA). This option allows CNC tool changers to automatically load/unload our family of high-speed precision spindles using a proprietary collar system and mounting block or ring around the CNC spindle integrated to the right side of the CNC spindle in minutes.

Mounting blocks or rings compatible with Haas, Hurco, Doosan, Robodrill, Hardinge, DMG, Brother, Okuma, and all other CNC’s are available. We are accustomed to developing custom solutions to enable auto tool change on any CNC. A Universal Block can be provided for drilling your CNC screw positions. Installation Kits are available. The TMA block remains on the CNC spindle for normal tool changes, even if not using the Air Turbine Spindles™ as it will not interfere when using the main spindle.

TMA Assembly Includes
  1.  Mounting block or ring assembly
  2. Spindle manifold collar with adjustable height connector to block


Note: Air Turbine Spindles® TMA option is not required on VMC’s where an air blast line or coolant channel can be used to supply sufficient CFM / L/s airflow volume.

Center air feed to the selectable rear air inlet on your Air Turbine Spindle® can be used if the airline / coolant channel has 1/4” / 6.5mm internal diameter for 602/625 models. Not suitable for 625X/650(X)/660 CAT/DIN/BT models due to internal diameter requirements for airflow. All HSK spindles can be used with center air feed if the air supply line has sufficient ID. If used for air supply, the coolant channel and connector tube must be purged and clean before air is induced.

For further information please refer to User Notes or Contact Us.

TMA (Block + Collar)
Model Part #
602 – Universal 40 Taper** 36227
602 – Universal 30 Taper** 36276
602 – Haas 40 Taper 36218
602 – Haas 30 Taper 36278
602 – Fadal 40 Taper 36221
602 – Hurco VM / VMX SERIES 36284
625(X) – Universal 40 Taper** 36228
625(X) – Universal 30 Taper** 36277
625(X) – Haas 40 Taper 36219
625(X) – Haas 30 Taper 36279
625(X) – Fadal 40 Taper 36222
625(X) – Fadal 30 Taper 36281
625(X) – Hurco VM / VMX SERIES 36285
650(X) / 660(X) – Universal 40 Taper** 36229
650(X) / 660(X) – Universal 50 Taper** 36290
650(X) / 660(X) – Haas 40 Taper 36220
650(X) / 660(X) – Haas 50 Taper 36291
650(X) / 660(X) – Fadal 40 Taper 36223
650(X) / 660(X) – Fadal 50 Taper 36292
650(X) / 660(X) – Hurco VM / VMX SERIES 36286

**Drilling of mounting block holes required on Universal Blocks

Block Only
Model Part #
Haas Mounting Block 36210
Fadal Mounting Block 36211
Universal Mounting Block** 36213

**Drilling of mounting block holes required on Universal Blocks

Collar Only
Model Part #
602 Collar 40 Taper 36215
625(X) Collar 40 Taper 36216
650(X) / 660(X) Collar 40 Taper 36217


TMA Installation on Haas Machine with Air Turbine Spindles®

Auto Tool Change your Air Turbine Spindle® with the Tool Changer Mounting Assembly

Hurco Autochange by Air Turbine Spindles®

Autochange on FANUC Robodrill with Air Turbine Spindles® 625XDT and 602DT

Frequently Asked Questions

What are automatic tool changers?

An Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) is a device that allows a machine to quickly and automatically change tools while in operation.


The ATC is a motorized device incorporated into the machine and capable of quickly exchanging tools. The ATC is connected to a control unit that allows the operator to select the tools that need to be used. It will automatically move to the selected tool and mount it to the machine.

What are the benefits of an automatic tool changer?

An ATC offers many benefits to a machine shop. The first benefit is increased efficiency. By using an ATC device, the machine operator can select the necessary tools without having to manually change the tool each time.


By providing a way to perform an automatic tool change, the operator is able to complete more tasks in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, the ATC also reduces the risk of operator error by eliminating the need for manual tool changes. This results in more consistent and accurate machining results.

What types of spindles are compatible with an automatic tool changer?

There are a variety of different tool holder types that are compatible with automatic tool changing devices these include CAT, DIN, BT, HSK. Unless you have a CNC machine equipped with air thru the spindle capabilities you may require an additional attachment we call a Tool Changer Mounting Assembly (TMA).

The TMA is easily retrofitted to most CNC machines in just a few minutes.

Air Turbine Spindles® are compatible with a variety of machines, including CNC lathes, milling machines, and drilling machines.

What are the components of an automatic tool changer?

An ATC spindle consists of a motor, a tool changer, a control unit, and a spindle.

‣ The motor powers the tool changing device 

‣ The tool changer exchanges the tools.

‣ The control unit selects the tools that need to be used.

‣ The automatic tool changer is responsible for mounting the tools to the spindle of the machine.

What maintenance is required for an Air Turbine Tools ® Tool Changer Mounting Assembly (TMA)?

Like Air Turbine Spindles® they require no maintenance for the everyday operation. The operator should ensure clean dry air is used and regularly inspect the filter regulator extractor to empty any accumulated moisture, oil or debris.

Service & Support

Support is always available from our technical team in the USA and Germany. Repair Service is available in Florida and Munich. Call our factory technicians at +1-561-994-0500 or email us at [email protected].