Pneumatic Router Series

310R Series

Control and Power – to 0.88 hp. For high-speed routing. Wood, plastics, and fiberglass are cut faster and cleaner at governed 25,000 – 40,000 rpm with less fiber break-out with the 310R. The oil-free mechanism results in no oil misting and no part contamination. The 310R is a light powerful direct-drive turbine with only 2 moving parts – resulting in great reliability.

310RX Series

Incredible Double Turbine Power – to 1.40 hp (1.04 kW). Composites, plastics, and alloys can be routed faster and cleaner at 25,000 – 40,000 rpm with finer surface quality and less fiber break-out. Low vibration magnitude (just 0.38 mm/s2 ) and no heat – both improving operator comfort and reducing RSI risk.

Slide Valve SV or DM Trigger Switch Control.

Service & Support

Support is always available from our technical team in the USA and Germany. Repair Service is available in Florida and Munich. Call our factory technicians at +1-561-994-0500 or email us at [email protected].