Dramatic Insert
Cost Reduction

Reducing Costs

and Eliminating Repair Time

for Innovation Industries Inc

At Innovation Industries Inc, Arkansas Mr. Doug Holt was using speeders on a Haas Router with max speeds of 25,000 rpm. Innovation is engraving 316L stainless steel at a .016” (.4064mm) D.O.C and 14 IPM (355 mmpm) on each pass.

Innovation’s geared “speeder” was burning through inserts very rapidly. In fact, it would take 3 – 4 inserts just to finish one 45 min engraving sequence. Mr. Holt’s “speeders” would break down frequently.

Air Turbine’s Task

Match the cycle time, be more cost-effective, and save tool life.

At the end of a test, Mr. Doug Holt saw Air Turbines governed 40,000 rpm 650CAT match the same D.O.C and feed rates of the speeder but there was a big difference. While the speeder took 3 – 4 inserts to finish one engraving sequence, Air Turbine Spindles™ 650 was able to use the same insert for 4 sequences in a row.

The Result with Air Turbine’s 650CAT40:
1 insert was being used for the same operation that was using 12-16 inserts previously.

The Cost Comparison:

Each “speeder” costs approx. $20,000 and each repair $5,000. Innovation Industries, inc. was spending in excess of $80,000+ p.a. just on speeder repairs.

A new 650CAT40, US List Price $4,550.00, is less expensive, brand new, than the repair of a single speeder. And, the powerful governed 0.80 hp / 0.66 kW Air Turbine Spindles® 650CAT40 loads automatically from the magazine into the Router turret using Air Turbine Technology Inc’s patent-pending ToolChanger Assembly.

Innovation Industries, Inc. purchased four 650 spindles immediately.

“Air Turbine’s saves us thousands of dollars every year in faster cycle times, new spindle purchases, repair costs and insert tooling costs. My Air Turbine Spindles® extend insert life 4X engraving, and they are very reliable” – Mr. Holt.

Service & Support

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