Drill-Tap Series

Just fit the new, patented, single turbine 625DT Series spindles to your Drill-Tap machine magazine for automatic tool changing and increase production. Air Turbine Spindles® Air Supply Adaptor manifold block connects to the machine spindle housing, via the automatic tool change, to supply air at 90 psi (6.2 bar) to the powerful, direct-drive turbine motor.

Increase milling and drilling feed rates resulting in higher productivity with no duty cycle for true 24/7 unattended production – 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 rpm, or 65,000 rpm up to 0.50 hp (0.37 kW).

For automatic loading from the Drill-Tap magazine, install the spindle-mounted manifold block and align the nozzle to the block connector, which supplies the spindle air to a clean, dry 90 psi (6.2 bar) air supply.

For manual loading installation of the spindle, the side NPT adaptor simply connects to a 6.5mm ID.

625DT Specifications
Speed RPM30,00040,00050,00065,000
Power Rating hp (Kw)0.40 (0.30)0.45 (0.34)0.50 (0.37)0.55 (0.41)
Inlet Air Pressure90 PSI (6.2 Bar)
Air Consumption Idle cfm (l/s)10.5 (4.9)11 (5.2)11 (5.2)11 (5.2)
Air Consumption Working Flow (l/s)11 (5.2) - 20 (9.4)
Sound LevelLess Than 78 dBA
Max Shank CapacityER11 - 1/4” (6mm)
Spindle Weight74.6 oz (2.11 kg)

625DT Dimensions

625DT Dimensional Drawing
A1.01” (26mm)
B2.24” (57mm)
C6.43” (163mm)
D8.39” (213mm)
ERobodrill: 3.16” (80mm) / Brother TC: 3.58” (91mm) / Haas DT: 2.56” (65mm)
Speed RPM30,00040,00050,000 65,000
ModelPart #
625DTBT30 RoboDrill 1/4”65350653526535465356
625DTBT30 RoboDrill 6mm65351653536535565357
625DTBT30 Brother TC 1/4”65358653606536265364
625DTBT30 Brother TC 6mm65359653616536365365
625DTBT30 Haas DT-1** 1/4”64642646446464665304
625DTBT30 Haas DT-1** 6mm64643646456464765305
Spindle Only
Speed RPM30,00040,00050,000 65,000
ModelPart #
625BT30 1/4”64210642126430665138
625BT30 6mm64211642136430765139
TMA (Block + Collar)
ModelPart #
625DT - RoboDrill36302
625DT - Brother TC36303
625DT - Haas DT-1**36305
Block Assembly Only
ModelPart #
625DT - RoboDrill36314
625DT - Brother TC36315
625DT - Haas DT-1**36316
Collar Assembly Only
ModelPart #
625DT - RoboDrill36318
625DT - Brother TC36320
625DT - Haas DT-1**36324
**Single Turbine 625 Version is used in the Haas DT and certain other machine types.
Mounting Blocks for other CNC Machines available.


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Service & Support

Support is always available from our technical team in the USA and Germany. Repair Service is available in Florida and Munich. Call our factory technicians at +1-561-994-0500 or email us at [email protected].