800LT & 800XCLT

Air Turbine Live™ – Compact Lathe Series

Medical, aviation, and metalworking industries increase productivity dropping the 800 or 800X into Automatic Lathes. These sliding headstock lathes operate 7 days a week under enormous cost and time pressure. Economic production success depends on the speed and reliability of motor drive but the outdated motor technology has restricted productivity and resulted in high costs. The 800 and 800X series operates 24/7 at 60,000/80,000 rpm accelerating your production rate. This powerful patented motor has a governor which maintains your rated speed in the cut. Air Turbine Motors® are low friction direct drives with only 2 moving parts resulting in no heat and great reliability at high speed. Just connect 90 PSI, 6.2 Bar dry clean air supply, and mill on your Automatic. No control system, no lubricator, no gears or high frequency brushes to burn up.

19.05, 20, 22, 25mm OD Air Turbine Live™ Tools Available

800X Series Specifications
Speed RPM60,00080,000
Power Rating hp (Kw)0.3 (0.22)
Inlet Air Pressure90 PSI (6.2 Bar)
Air Consumption Idle cfm (l/s)3.5
Air Consumption Working Flow (l/s)5
Sound LevelLess Than 78 dBA
Max Shank CapacityER 8-1/8"(3mm)
Motor Weight5.6 oz (0.158 kg)

800XCYL Dimensions

800XCYL Dimensions
A Ø .47″ (12.0 mm) C 3.085″ (78.36 mm)
B 0.72″ (18.29 mm) D Ø 0.98″ (25mm)

800LT Dimensions

800LT Dimensions
A Ø .4″ (12mm) D 3.3″ (84.7mm) G .51″ (13 mm) TYP (2)
B .57″ (14.5mm) E 1″ (25.4mm) H Ø .17″ (4.4mm) THRU
C 1.56″ (39.6mm) F Ø .75″ (20mm) I Ø .29″ (7.4mm) ↧ .15″ (4mm) TYP (2)

Low Flow Filter / Regulator (p/n #30001), collet, wrenches,
hose, fittings, and carrying case.

ER 8 UP collet system (1/8” or 3mm collet standard other sizes optional). Oil-free 90 psi / 6.2 bar clean, dry air supply required.

The 800 Series is for use with micro tools, and larger tools
up to 0.8 mm /  1⁄₃₂” with light cuts.

Accessories Models Part #
Low Flow Filter / Regulator 30001
Tube 8mm O.D. – 5mm I.D. (order by foot) 16506
Hose & Fitting – 8mm O.D. – 5mm I.D. – 12’ 30041

ER8- 1/8″ ER8- 3mm
Speed RPM Model Part # Speed RPM Model Part #
60,000 800LT 80002 60,000 800LT 80003
800CYL 80012 800CYL 80013
80,000 800LT 80006 80,000 800LT 80007
800CYL 80016 800CYL 80017


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