Milling Steel
on DMG Mori

Comparison of Cycle Time and the Surface Quality

Standard Spindle v. Air Turbine Spindles®
50% time reduction
Test Parameters:

Linear Milling Depth: Row depth 2.0-0.13 RA
Material: 1.2344 Steel – HSC 30/70
Tool: Ball nose end mill R 2, 0.03mm/z

Cycle Time Comparison

Standard DMG HSC 55 Spindle – 25,000 rpm
Advance: 1,500 mm/min = Cycle Time: 60 minutes

Air Turbine Spindles® 625HSK Spindle – 50,000 rpm
Advance: 3,000 mm/min = Cycle Time: 30 minutes.

Any CNC becomes a high-speed machine in minutes with Air Turbine Spindles®.

The quality at Ra 0,13mµ and precision were indistinguishable between the 25,000 rpm DMG HSC 55 spindle.

Results of the cycle time comparison.

Load your Air Turbine Spindles® automatically from any CNC magazine into your main spindle. Clean dry compressed air is induced through a clean airline, or an optional patented mounting block and collar, for seamless integration in your program. No manual hook up required unless preferred.

CNC Spindle Milling Steel at 5000 mm/min on DMG Mori at 50,000 rpm and 0.76 hp

Maintain constant high speed on the tool path at 25,000 to 90,000 rpm with power to 1.4hp (1kW) – You keep constant high rotational speed in angles and hard materials. This is because Air Turbine Spindles® patented governor increases airflow in the turbine in proportion to the load. Reliable with low vibration, no heat, and no duty cycle for 24/7 milling.

Our direct drives have only 2 moving parts – our proprietary turbine and ceramic bearings, and the bearings are cooled by turbine airflow. No High-frequency brushes, no gears to burn up, no control system.

Just connect to 90 psi / 6.2 Bar and high-speed Air Turbine Spindles® and mill, drill, and accelerate your feeds with no duty cycle. No control system or lubrication required.

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Thanks to DMG Mori for this comparison test at DMG Mori Seiki’s Geretstreid Showroom near Munich.

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